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Designed by Balkrishna Doshi / Vāstu Shilpā Consultants, the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore is an important site for the heritage of modern architecture in India – a study in the possibility for architecture to assimilate time and human presence in a composition of the built, open and in-between spaces.

Photos and Film: Ruturaj Parikh; Edited by Isha Raut ©Studio Matter
Drawings: Vāstu Shilpā Consultants; Courtesy Khushnu Panthaky Hoof

The Plan as a Generator

The Indian Institute of Management campus in Bangalore occupies about 54,000 square meters within a 100-acre site. Designed as a poly-nuclear plan, the overall spatial arrangement relies on a series of intersecting corridors that form the basic skeletal structure.

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Celebrating Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh: International Symposium

WHAT: The Symposium will be the culminating event of the series of activities starting from 27 August 2015 to commemorate Le Corbusier 50th death anniversary, to go on to celebrate his birth anniversary falling on the 6 October as well as Chandigarh’s official inauguration on 7 October 1953.

The objectives of the Symposium are to reflect on Le Corbusier contribution to Modernism, as an overview – his myriad talents as an artist, architect, theorist and writer; and the synthesis of all these as manifested through his projects globally. Continue reading Celebrating Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh: International Symposium

Balkrishna Doshi: An Architecture for India

Written by William J. R. Curtis.

An engaging reprint of the seminal book by Curtis takes us through the experiments of the defining years of Doshi‘s practice – a practice that has presented us with some of the most challenging axioms and paradoxes of modern architecture in India and eventually – ‘an Architecture for India‘.

Book Cover
Book Cover

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Celebrating Habitat : The Real, The Virtual, The Imaginary: Balkrishna Doshi

What: In a career spanning more than six decades, B V Doshi’s contribution to the discourse on Indian architecture and as an institution builder is seminal. Amongst others, he has been instrumental in establishing the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation for Studies and Research in Environmental Design and CEPT University. Curated by Khushnu Panthaki Hoof, a retrospective exhibition will be hosted at NGMA, New Delhi, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Hon’able Shripad Naik, Minister of State for Culture & Tourism has kindly consented to inaugurate the exhibition in the presence of Shri Ravindra Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Shri Mahendra Raj, Eminent Structural Engineer, will be the guest of honour.

When: 9th October 2014, Thursday at 6.00 pm

Where: National Gallery of Modern Art, Jaipur House, India Gate, New Delhi: 110003

Balkrishna Doshi-Peter Rich: An Encounter

On March 16, 2013, Peter Rich met Balkrishna Doshi at his house. Here is the interaction that followed.

Balkrishna Doshi: BD
Peter Rich: PR

BD: Corbusier talked to him in a different way. So then they came to talking about housing but housing was still was never considered as architecture. Because it never has that scale neither it had the prominence and of course, not the style. Because technology, the kind of articulation, the use of space, in the public realm is very different from private realm. Some are ritualistic, some are non-ritualistic; Private realm as no ritual.

PR: Yeah, yeah.

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