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In this comment, P Venugopal objectively observes our changing architectural perceptions of homes as a society and the subjective dimensions of the missing levels of humanising factors shaping the designs.

Museums are regulated environments. Artifacts on display are confined to tight frames of glass, and watched under spotlights. Curios in glass boxes are hermetically sealed. Relieved from the incessant gaze of the spectators, if they are taken back to the store, after the day’s work, they may recoup in the warmth of their ordinary storage alcove and breathe! They too can enjoy the privilege of a private realm. Continue reading AN ERODED PRIVATE REALM: P Venugopal

Mobius House: Girish Dariyav Karnawat, GDKdesigns

Elemental in its approach, the Mobius House in Goa by Girish Dariyav Karnawat of Mangalore-based GDKdesigns invites a reading less as an object of design but through an exploratory process, of a site of transformation. The architecture of the residence is grounded in an understanding found within inherent gestures of domestic occupation and the slow shifts of architectural representation. 


“Mobius House is a resultant of the pursuit of the archetypal image of a pavilion in the landscape through processes that strive to accommodate contemporary building and living conditions, while in simultaneous dialogue with rich traditional and vernacular references,” writes Siddhartha Singh for GDKdesigns Continue reading Mobius House: Girish Dariyav Karnawat, GDKdesigns

Bhatia Farm Residence: The Vrindavan Project

Engaging in a meaningful dialogue between elemental forms, alternative construction techniques and the philosophy of sustainability is the Bhatia Farm Residence by The Vrindavan Project in the rural landscape of Onde in Maharashtra.  

Oriented in the north-south direction, a swimming pool, a gazebo and a main residence structure subtly angled away compose the design.

Continue reading Bhatia Farm Residence: The Vrindavan Project