Book: A Place in the Shade by Charles Correa

A seminal collection of essays, A Place in the Shade is a chronicle of thoughts spanning Charles Correa’s illustrious career in architecture and urban planning.

Spread from the Book.
Spread from the Book.

In the span of a prolific practice, Charles Correa’s work and thoughts have been instrumental in shaping the architecture of Post-Independence India.  His writings – few and far in-between – deal with both the real and the metaphysical in architecture, urban planning, housing, urbanization and design in general. The writings in this book address the concerns and issues that are fundamental to the Indian landscape and habitat. Illustrated by select visuals: photographs and drawings, the book connects his work and ideas to a tangible set of propositions. 

The essays in the book deal with many dimensions of Charles Correa’s concerns. From the obsessive ideas and metaphysical images that define his architecture, to concepts of urban planning encompassing critical thoughts on cities and their position in modernizing India are composed in a logical sequence that makes the book a refreshing read. ‘A place in the Shade’ is a crucial addition to the discussion on architecture and urbanization in India.

Title: A Place in the Shade
Author: Charles Correa
Publisher: Penguin Books India 2010
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-143-06878-5

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