ATMA on a Winter Evening

Changing light, dramatic spaces and Le Corbusier’s masterful compositions in space frames the Ahmedabad Textile Millowners’ Association building in its many moods.

The structure reveals itself in its many layers.
The structure reveals itself in its many layers.

Winter Light in Ahmedabad is smooth, crisp and as evident from these images – beautiful. The east façade of the Milowners’ Building in Ahmedabad is designed to protect from the harsh west sun. But on rare days in December, January and February, the late sun washes the concrete walls and stone floors of the building with a uniform layer of light.

This light is moderated by the detached screen – a ‘free façade’ that is anchored to the building but independent of the same. The curves, straight lines, double walls, free columns and dramatic mezzanines of the building cast complex shadows. Corbusier’s concrete – formed in many incredible casts arrests the light and reflects the right amount in the tight intensity. Slowly, the golden hour passes and everything becomes dark.

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