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PRAXIS 16 | Manjunath & Co

An editorial project by Matter in partnership with Şişecam Flat Glass, PRAXIS investigates the work and positions of diverse contemporary architecture practices in India. This episode features B L Manjunath, founder of Bengaluru-based Manjunath & Co Structural Consultants. As one of the few structural designers in the country, Manjunath stresses on the role that co-creation and co-authorship play in his practice. Comprising of a team of engineers and architects alike, the practice intends to cultivate a culture of collaborative learning and collective ownership. The processes in the practice are led by rigorous observation, with design being the driver and structure being the facilitator to achieve a holistic vision. As part of a founding collective, Manjunath instituted Wadiyar Centre for Architecture, Mysuru where he believes his interaction with students encourages a reciprocal exchange of learning.

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