Research: Housing Scenario in Goa: A Visual Guide

Drawing from the data of the past two census exercises in Goa [2001 and 2011], this document is the outcome of a collaborative effort between Studio Matter. and Dr. Gaurav K Pandey from the Directorate of Census Operations in Goa.  

In an attempt to decipher the multiple indicators from the Census 2001 and Census 2011 that can be used to better understand the overall housing situation in Goa, the intent was to make this study accessible to a larger audience with a relative ease of comprehensibility. The data visualisation in the document can be interpreted in multiple ways. The interpretation of data in the document is an objective assessment by the authors. ♦


Graphic Visualization: Hrushita Davey and Ruturaj Parikh
Data Analysis: Dr. Gaurav K Pandey

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