Palmyra House in Monochrome Photographs

Monochrome images reveal the many dimensions of Bijoy Jain’s architecture as light interacts with surfaces of changing quality.

Monsoon has a very peculiar mood at the Palmyra House. Set in a landscape of a palm plantation, the house has a very tactile quality.  The unique atmosphere that the landscape and the structures of the site compose is elevated by the strong monsoon breeze that blows from the Arabian Sea.

Water is a consistent theme on the site and finds its way from the well to the tank and the channel that eventually overflows to set it in motion following a gradient that fills all pools. The many reflections on glass and on water, the contrasting surfaces and the quality of materials on touch – cement-oxide floor on feet, wood in the palms of the hand – compose a unique sensory sequence. In monochrome, the photographs have an abstract quality that is intended to emphasize on the experience.

One thought on “Palmyra House in Monochrome Photographs”

  1. Did you trace out the path of the sun during of the overheated period ?
    How did you design the shading devices ?
    How was the thermal behavior in summer ?
    Ar. Mukund Hari Datye

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