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Prof Neelkanth Chhaya: An Architect, academician, and thinker, he has researched and worked extensively in the domain of appropriate architecture for India. He has documented places of historic significance and authored numerous critical papers. He retired in 2013 as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, at CEPT, Ahmedabad after a 24-year teaching sojourn at the School.


Dr. A. Srivathsan is an architectural scholar with more than twenty-five years of experience in teaching, architectural and developmental research, and professional practice. Before joining his role as the Executive Director of CAU, Srivathsan served as the Academic Director of CEPT University for five years. He holds a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology along with a Master’s degree in Urban Design, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.


Rupali Gupte is an architect and a co-founder of Bard Studio in Mumbai. Her works include research on Indian urbanism with a focus on architecture, urban culture, urban economy, property, housing, urban form, entrepreneurial and tactical practices. Rupali is one of the founding members of the urban research network, CRIT (crit.in), and the School of Environment and Architecture (sea.edu.in).


Prem is the managing partner of CnT Architects: an award-winning and widely published architectural practice based in Bangalore, India. With the experience of over 40 years, he is an academic advisor and guest faculty at several colleges of architecture. He received his training at School of Planning and Architecture Delhi (B.Arch., 1978) and University of Oregon USA (M.Arch., 1982). He is a former Executive Director of Srishti School of Art Design & Technology in Bengaluru. He has been documenting his thoughts and ideas online through blogs and videos.


Photographer, artist, curator, designer and activist Ram Rahman, initially studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Later, Rahman completed a degree in Graphic Design from Yale University’s School of Art in 1979. With such a large body of work, it is impossible to document even a fraction of his thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies. This conversation revolves around the idea of curation and the many facets of Ram’s work as a curator an individual with a discerning eye.


Bijoy Ramachandran & Sunitha Kondur are co-fouders of Hundredhands. It is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Bangalore. Their work draws on a keen sense of the urban context by probing questions of scale, character, spatial and visual impact, and remaking of the public domain.


Ruturaj Parikh is an Architect & Partner at Matter. He has been involved in architecture, urban design, planning, curatorial and social projects. Ruturaj regularly writes about contemporary works and ideas on architecture relevant to India and its subcontinent.


Firdaus Variava is the Vice Chairman of Bharat Flooring and Tiles. He has worked in diverse fields such as telecom, trading, and market research prior to joining Bharat Floorings. Firdaus is responsible for the sales team and for all activities related to marketing. In addition, he is responsible for creation of new products to cater to specific market segments and needs and for strategic planning.


Rohan is an architect, urban designer and filmmaker practicing in Mumbai. He is the Dean of Research and Academic Development at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies. His work ranges from architecture, urban research and consultancy projects to works in film and visual art. He is interested in issues concerning housing, public space and in exploring the many ways of reading and representing the city.


Meetu Akali is the founder of Studio Momo, an environmentally conscious Architecture & Interior design firm, specialising in luxury villas and the restoration of Indo-Portuguese homes of Goa. Studio Momo is based in Goa. Meetu lived and studied in Oxford before moving to Goa.


Sameep Padora is a practicing architect and principal of the design studio sP+a in Mumbai. Sameep is in a pursuit and encouragement of sustainable, contextual and innovative practices that arise ‘from a site itself’. He received his diploma in architecture from Academy of Architecture went on to study at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, and received his Masters from the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University in 2005.


Sameep is a member of the Academic Councils of a number of schools and is a member of the National Technical Committee of Habitat for Humanity, India. This is a 2-part conversation…


Manish graduated with distinction from the Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat in 1991. Thereafter, he worked at The Osho Commune International in Pune, for two years, contributing immensely to the Commune’s varied ongoing projects. Having identified the true meaning and purpose of Architecture, he established TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd. in 1994.


Aziz studied to be a Product Designer from the NID Ahmedabad, after graduating with a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Mumbai. With over 2 decades of experience in exhibition, lighting, retail and furniture design. The Orange Company is his design consultancy firm that does large multi-disciplinary interior architectural projects. His design studio is located at Mazagaon in South Mumbai and his workshop is called At-tin.


Ayaz is Founder at The Busride Studio based in Goa and Mumbai. Ayaz Graduated in Industrial Design, specialising in Product Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2003. Ayaz studio ‘The Busride’ as an independent Design Studio specialising in the design and creation of environments, ranging from Hospitality, Entertainment venues, Film and Production to Exhibitions and temporary installations and more.


Prof. Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi (Born in 1927) is considered to be an important figure of South Asian architecture and noted for his contributions to the evolution of architectural discourse and pedagogy in India. His noteworthy designs include the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and the Aranya Low Cost Housing development in Indore (awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture) amongst many other. In 2018, he became the first Indian architect to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize.


Naresh Narsimhan is an Architect, Urbanist and Activist and is well known for his long-term association with Venkataramanan Associates. As a co-founder of MOD Institute, an international collective of urban designers, researchers and curators, Naresh has also been responsible in making cities like Bangalore and the urban processes that drive them: visible and participatory.Naresh has fuelled many progressive causes for the city.

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