‘Breath of Breath is He’, woodcut acrylic on archival paper, 48×72 in 2015.

As an exhibition, Beloved is an exploration of Nature, Intimacy and Technology. The exhibition consists of works in several mediums, including wood-cut murals and watercolor paintings.

“Beloved is a grove that basically breathes with you and is sort of a meditation on breath. There is a little flower sprouting out from the stems, and when you put your mouth to that flower, there is a sensor at the bottom that’s placed at its base, to trace your breath. As you breathe in and out, basically the tree glows to your breath. That in particular, is about how a tree breathes out oxygen and you breathe that in; and you breathe out carbon dioxide and the tree breathes that in; so the idea is that you are in a constant cycle of breath with the forest around you.

Even your lungs look like trees on the inside. Which is a kind of reminder that one is in constant union with the forest and natural world around themselves. ‘Union’ is one of the larger themes of Beloved.”

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