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FuturArc Prize 2016

Small Things, Big Impact | Eco-puncture for more liveable, resilient cities

WHAT:  Our cities and neighbourhoods, the complex flows of people and resources that support them, are mostly in place and functioning, successfully or otherwise. But often, the meso-scale between building and infrastructure is neglected — that subtle realm between private development and urban network, that tenuous in-between world between planned and unplanned. This is our commons. It might be civic space, it might be nesting place for birds; it might be a conduit for water. It may well be all of the above. This space functions or dysfunctions informally, with no assistance or attention. And because it has no name, no custodian, it is left to waste or (worse) eliminated in endless cycles of urban renewal.

What if we could claim that space with small acts of eco-puncture? What would that look like, and more importantly, what manner of change would that offer? How might many small things — functioning as discrete elements but acting together — trigger a systemic change, giving us more liveable, more resilient cities? Continue reading FuturArc Prize 2016

Celebrating Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh: International Symposium

WHAT: The Symposium will be the culminating event of the series of activities starting from 27 August 2015 to commemorate Le Corbusier 50th death anniversary, to go on to celebrate his birth anniversary falling on the 6 October as well as Chandigarh’s official inauguration on 7 October 1953.

The objectives of the Symposium are to reflect on Le Corbusier contribution to Modernism, as an overview – his myriad talents as an artist, architect, theorist and writer; and the synthesis of all these as manifested through his projects globally. Continue reading Celebrating Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh: International Symposium

DWELL 2015

An initiative of the Charles Correa Foundation, ‘DWELL’ is a workshop for Architects, Designers and Students of Architecture and Design to instigate thought on mitigating increasing urban densities especially in the context of housing and urban living. The workshop intends to introduce the many perspectives, forces and pull-push factors that influence life in a city. Continue reading DWELL 2015

The Merit List [TML]

The Merit List (TML) is an initiative by Matter. to recognise projects of critical relevance in terms of design and thought in the context of contemporary Indian architecture.

Continue reading The Merit List [TML]

Water, precious in design: Landscape Foundation

WHAT: Landscape Foundation, India invites students to explore contemporary and aesthetic manifestations of water at different scales in the Indian context, that reflect contemporary attitudes towards design, enjoyment, interpretation, health and well-being, and most of all, conservation keeping in mind its utmost value as a natural resource. Continue reading Water, precious in design: Landscape Foundation

CHANDIGARH UNBUILT: Completing the Capitol

WHAT: There are various elements of Chandigarh, that were conceived by Le Corbusier but remained confined to documents, pictures and archives. Despite being the symbol and identity of the city for many years, the Capitol complex is still incomplete, for a fourth building, the Museum of Knowledge was planned to accompany the existing Secretariat, Assembly Hall and High Court. The MoK, according to Corbusier was to function as a decision-making or a briefing centre for the government officials, highlighting the importance and applied use of technology and electronics in processing, synthesising and presenting large bodies of information related to the state matters.

The aim of this competition is to design the Museum of Knowledge (MoK) at the original cumulative site of the then proposed MoK and Martyr’s memorial in the Capitol Complex. Continue reading CHANDIGARH UNBUILT: Completing the Capitol

Housing Innovation Challenge 2015

What: The Housing Innovation Challenge is a Saint-Gobain initiative launched to invite innovators and thinkers across all verticals. The idea is to focus on problem areas that arise in housing and then come up with solutions for the same. If the ideas and proposals hold promise, the organisers will be looking at getting the team at Saint Gobain Research India on board to lead it into the implementation phase. There are two broad categories to be chosen from, namely, Sustainable Housing and Housing in Smart Cities. Continue reading Housing Innovation Challenge 2015

The Bangalore Workshop 2015: Vimal Jain Foundation & IIM, Bengaluru

What: The Vimal Jain Foundation and the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru are organising a 5 day workshop from August 11th to 15th, 2015. Modeled on the Glenn Murcutt Masterclass conducted annually in Sydney, The Bangalore Workshop 2015 focuses on the processes of observation and documentation as the necessary precursors to speculation.The workshop is being conducted by Richard Leplastrier and Peter Stutchbury, both accomplished teachers, practitioners and Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal recipients. Both of them have also been involved in the Glenn Murcutt MasterClass since its inception in 2000. Dr. B.V. Doshi will join the Workshop on the last two days for the final reviews and public lectures.

Continue reading The Bangalore Workshop 2015: Vimal Jain Foundation & IIM, Bengaluru

A Tribute to Charles Correa by Rafael Moneo

Prof. Rafael Moneo pens a letter in tribute to Ar. Charles Correa. The gentlemen, both icons in their respective nations and across the globe, share a long friendship and mutual admiration.

June 30, 2015

It was with great sadness and surprise that I heard last week of Charles Correa’s passing away. I had seen him recently in Goa and although indeed he did seem fragile, I never thought he would leave us so rapidly. Continue reading A Tribute to Charles Correa by Rafael Moneo

Pan India Travel Studio – Your Architectural Pitstop

A 4-week rigorous architectural design studio in three diverse locations in India culminating in the POOL*, Ahmedabad.


Set amidst the Aravalli hills and dotted with lakes is Udaipur; an important historical city in the southern part of Rajasthan. It has a dense urban fabric and like many cities in India witnessed rapid growth and changes in the old city which is continuing.The design programme will include an urban insert addressing the rich historical context while imagining the future.

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