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A Tribute to Charles Correa by Rafael Moneo

Prof. Rafael Moneo pens a letter in tribute to Ar. Charles Correa. The gentlemen, both icons in their respective nations and across the globe, share a long friendship and mutual admiration.

June 30, 2015

It was with great sadness and surprise that I heard last week of Charles Correa’s passing away. I had seen him recently in Goa and although indeed he did seem fragile, I never thought he would leave us so rapidly. Continue reading A Tribute to Charles Correa by Rafael Moneo


“Learning South of North”

Share your initiative to improve the built environment!

Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF Int) Award was founded in the purpose of sharing the most efficient solutions developed by architects globally to the many social, environmental and economic challenges facing the built environment. The goal of the award is to promote those solutions among the design profession and the general public, which will encourage an exchange of ideas and challenge the profession to develop the construction of social facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of the most vulnerable sectors of the world’s population. Continue reading ASF AWARD 2015


What: The 17th International Conference on Humane Habitat shall focus on the Theme : ‘Sustainable Architecture, Environment and Development in Rural, Urban and Regional Context.’ The conference shall be organised by International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH), and hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture at its premises in Bandra West, Mumbai, India in association with Council of Architecture (COA),Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), and World Society of Ekistics (WSE), and Maharashtra Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects, Forum of Colleges of Architecture, Mumbai Region and Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture (MASA) and Practicing Architects, Engineers and Town Planners Association (PEATA) in Mumbai, India.


Senior Fellowships at the Charles Correa Foundation

Charles Correa Foundation invites applications for Narotam Sekhsaria Senior Fellowship at the Foundation Studio in Goa.

The Senior Fellowship program is for one year and it is designed for young graduates (Architects and Urban Practitioners) with a minimum of 2 years of experience after graduation (bachelors degree).
Continue reading Senior Fellowships at the Charles Correa Foundation

Hunnarshala wins the CurryStone Design Prize.

Hunnarshala is a multidisciplinary practice based in Bhuj, Kutch that is known for its humanitarian efforts post-earthquake amongst many initiatives that involve communities, artisans, craftsmen and encourage innovations at grass-roots.



Hunnarshala, founded in the wake of the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat, India, facilitates community-driven, artisan-led reconstruction in post-disaster areas, as well as long-term redevelopment of cities and informal settlements. Hunnarshala takes the long view on rehabilitation by training artisans and helping them start businesses, and by facilitating social housing, sustainable tourism, and wastewater treatment schemes in places that are past the point of crisis. Continue reading Hunnarshala wins the CurryStone Design Prize.

PLEA 2014

Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies: Choosing the way forward

What: PLEA is an autonomous, non-profit, network of individuals sharing  expertise in the arts, sciences, planning and design of the built  environment. The goal of the 30th International  PLEA Conference (PLEA 2014) is to promote discussion and  debate on the learnings, opportunities and challenges in passive low energy architecture and design in a rapidly growing world.  Within this conference, the theme will deliberate on the choices we have and the choices we need to make in order to move towards a more sustainable habitat, especially for developing societies and emerging economies. Continue reading PLEA 2014

Building Craft Lab : DICRC

Building Craft Lab is an online collaborative platform by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), CEPT University to explore the world of Building Crafts and Built Environment. Its vision is to generate, amalgamate, catalogue and disseminate resources related to Indian Crafts and Traditional and Vernacular Built Habitat. The idea of the lab is the result of many discussions and interactions between the researchers of DICRC along with various experts, academicians, professionals, craftspeople, technologist, entrepreneurs related to the field of craft, built environment and digital technology. It has four components – Map, Catalogue, Directory, and Documentation.

Map acts not only as location search but also a geo-spatial analytical tool. Catalogue has images of various building, interior architecture elements, furniture, and craft objects. Directory has information of craftspeople; craft designer, makers, craft entrepreneurs and all those associated to crafts as well as it will showcase their work. Documentation section deals with various educational resources related to the allied field of crafts from drawings to documents to videos to interactive resources.

In this collaborative platform, the data for the Building Craft Lab will be generated and shared by various Institutions, Craft Organizations, NGOs, Government Bodies, Craft and Design Enterprises as well as individuals like scholars, researchers, academicians, craft designers, artisans and  professionals. This data will act as a valuable resource to various students, craftspeople, educators, design professionals, architects, interior designers, students, researchers, government employees, conservationists, and all those related to the field of Craft, Design, Architecture, Art and Culture.


Maker Fest 2015: Inviting Makers

What: Following in the footsteps of Maker Faires across America, Europe, and Japan, among others, MakerFest is an all-ages showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. It is a celebration of everyone who makes things, and a place where people can meet likeminded A-Class innovators. MakerFest is a non-commercial event, and free for the public to attend. Continue reading Maker Fest 2015: Inviting Makers

Online Tools: CARBSE

Supported by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Govt. of India and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi, Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE) at CEPT University has developed some online tools to generate thermal comfort and outdoor weather analysis for Indian cities. ‘Comfort and Weather Analysis Tool’ analyses single city while ‘Multi-city Comfort and Weather Comparison Tool’ allows comparison various parameters of two cities simultaneously. The tools use weather data files for selected cities and generates comfort charts showing the temperature of the city for the whole year on the ASHRAE 55 thermal comfort bands. The user can determine the percentage of operating hours that would fall within the comfort zone for a particular month for a 24 hours as well as daytime operational building. This tool also provides the weather chart showing temperature and humidity distribution on 24 hour and daytime basis for the selected city. The tool also provides estimated percentage of operating modes for building such as heating, natural ventilation, cooling and dehumidification on annual and monthly basis. The tool is extremely useful in pre-design stages of buildings.

The tool can be accessed at