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Landscape Foundation: Students’ Design Competition 2016

WHAT: Theme: Change is the only constant.

You cannot step twice into the same river.
—Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Landscape design is a spatial design discipline which is close to nature. Landscape is typically a composition of natural elements—land, water and vegetation—through which an artist or a designer conceptualizes and finally realizes a creative endeavour. Visualized to fulfil various aesthetic and functional uses, they provide a framework to a site within which the designer works. Having the natural attributes of a living medium, landscapes are born {or, conceptualized}, they grow, and they decay to be
reborn again, following the processes of nature, its rhythms and different moods throughout the year. Continue reading Landscape Foundation: Students’ Design Competition 2016

The Merit List [TML]

The Merit List (TML) is an initiative by Matter. to recognise projects of critical relevance in terms of design and thought in the context of contemporary Indian architecture.

Continue reading The Merit List [TML]

Water, precious in design: Landscape Foundation

WHAT: Landscape Foundation, India invites students to explore contemporary and aesthetic manifestations of water at different scales in the Indian context, that reflect contemporary attitudes towards design, enjoyment, interpretation, health and well-being, and most of all, conservation keeping in mind its utmost value as a natural resource. Continue reading Water, precious in design: Landscape Foundation

Celebrating Landscape

Seen-Unseen by LA Journal

What: Indian Institute of Architects, Trivandrum Centre in collaboration with the Landscape Foundation, India has organised talks & presentations under the focus ‘Celebrating Landscape’ by eminent landscape architects and designers on the occasion of Award Presentation Ceremony of Landscape Foundation Students’ Design Competition 2014 based on the theme Seen Unseen and 50 Years of Modern Architecture in Kerala. Continue reading Celebrating Landscape

Landscape Design: Students’ Design Competition – SEEN-UNSEEN

What: Landscape Foundation, India invites students & recent graduates to explore the intangible but highly evocative ideas in the perception of a landscape space. Centered on the theme—SEEN-UNSEEN, the participants may explore the concept in an abstract way or build upon it for a physical site. The interpretations should have an aesthetic dimension and focus on experiential as well as physical aspects. The emphasis is on a clear understanding of the idea generation and development

Open to: Students of Architecture, Design, Recent Graduates of timeframe May-July 2014. More details here.

When: Submission Deadline: 15 October, 2014

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