Landscape Foundation: Students’ Design Competition 2016

WHAT: Theme: Change is the only constant.

You cannot step twice into the same river.
—Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Landscape design is a spatial design discipline which is close to nature. Landscape is typically a composition of natural elements—land, water and vegetation—through which an artist or a designer conceptualizes and finally realizes a creative endeavour. Visualized to fulfil various aesthetic and functional uses, they provide a framework to a site within which the designer works. Having the natural attributes of a living medium, landscapes are born {or, conceptualized}, they grow, and they decay to be
reborn again, following the processes of nature, its rhythms and different moods throughout the year.

In the order of nature, they are true reflection of time, changing with each season as well as over the years, decades, and centuries, with a unique, dynamic and real quality which is ever changing and never
permanent. Observing the journey of water in rivers, the changing water level in reservoirs, the growth of plants and trees, and evolution and disintegration of rock, earth, and sand over the years is evidence that impermanence is an integral part of the aesthetic experience of a landscape.

Landscapes should be viewed with a deep understanding of their temporal dimension which makes the art of landscape design relate to the larger reality of the world that everything in the Universe, governed by the laws of thermodynamics, is in transition.

“Landscape: Change is the only constant” is an attempt to provoke and encourage students to explore and expand the idea of the ‘impermanence’ in our landscapes. It is an attempt to trigger their thoughts to look at landscapes through the lens of temporality, recognizing their inherent relation with natural processes,
hence time, which is always in a transient mode.

Key words: sense of time, transition, permanence, evergreen, instant, ready-made, fast-growing,
contextual, regional

The competition is open to all students of spatial design disciplines
{Architecture, Landscape, Urban Design, Planning, Conservation etc.}, Design and Art studying in Undergraduate or Post-Graduate full time degree / diploma courses.

Indian Entrants:
 INR 1000 {Indian Rupees One Thousand Only}
Entrants from Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka: INR 3000 {Indian Rupees Three Thousand Only} or equivalent amount.
The fee is to be deposited at the time of the submission of the entry.
The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

DETAILS & REGISTRATION FORM: For students from India.

DETAILS & REGISTRATION FORM: For students from Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka

Iftikhar Mulk Chishti, Architect & Designer, New Delhi
Saurabh Popli, Landscape Architect, Bhopal
Freddie Ribeiro, Landscape Architect, New Delhi

First Prize INR 50,000
Second Prize INR 30,000
Third Prize INR 15,000
Shriya Anand Award INR 21,000
*Shriya Anand, landscape architect based in New Delhi passed away in a tragic road accident on 30th December 2007. Since then, an award has been constituted in her memory by her family.

Plus upto FOUR Jury Special Mention Certificates.
The winning entries shall be featured in LA, Journal
of Landscape Architecture.

Submission Deadline: 10th October, 2016
Last date for the Registation Fees and Entries
to reach the Foundation Office in New Delhi

Jury Meet: 19th October, 2016
Jury Session and Declaration of Results

Exhibition of all entries: 20th-21st October, 2016
Planning Block, School of Planning and Architecture,
New Delhi


CONTACT/ Submission Address
Landscape Foundation India
C-589, Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018 India
Tel: a+91-11-28547652, 0-98106-00754, 0-98102-52661

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