Global Architectural Competition for Indian National War Memorial & Museum

WHAT: The Government of India has sanctioned the construction of Indian National War Memorial & Museum in New Delhi. The Museum will come up in the Princess Park in the Lutyens Zone near India Gate. The Global Architectural Competition for the National War Memorial & Museum each will be conducted in two stages.

Stage One
This will be a two stage contest. Competitors will be required to submit their Stage 1 entries on, and the top nine entries selected from the Stage 1 submissions will be eligible to participate in the Stage 2 of the contest. Each of the shortlisted nine entries from Stage 1 will be eligible for a prize of USD 3,000.

Stage Two
Selected nine Entries/Participants will be asked to submit detailed designs, including 3D Models and will be required to give a presentation before the jury on an assigned date.

This global competition is open to all Architects registered in their respective countries. The contest is also open to multi-disciplinary teams led by a registered Architect. Please read the other criteria in the Competition Dossier.

The prospective competitors are required to register their detailed profile on the site giving their email address, contact numbers and other pertinent details as required by the form. Since the submission of the designs will be done on the same platform.

The top three winners will be eligible for awards of USD 75,000 (first prize), USD 50,000 (second prize) and USD25, 000 (third prize).

The winner of the first prize will be appointed by the Promoter as
the Architect for the project in accordance with the Conditions of
Engagement as prescribed by the Professional Document of the
Council of Architecture subject to the competitor satisfying all
other requirements.

Closing of Online Registration & Team Building (Memorial) :
30th September, 2016
Last Date of Online Submission for Stage 1 (Memorial): 2nd October
Closing of Online Registration & Team Building (Museum) : 12th October, 2016
Last Date of Online Submission for Stage 1 (Museum)
: 15th October, 2016
Announcement of Result of Stage 1: 15th November 2016
Submission Deadline of Deliverables by Selected 9 Competitors: 16th December 2016
Announcement of Final Result: 31st December 2016
Consultants Acceptance as per Council of Architecture: 15th January 2017

REFERRAL DOCUMENTS: for the Competition including Submission Criteria.

1) Terms and Conditions: Link

2) Competition Dossier : Link

3) Topographical Survey Plan: Link




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  1. Unbelievable things are happening….find out….know more….reach the top by competing….enter a competition and win it….

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