Mind Rain Students’ Architecture Competition

A) Design Project for First Year and Second Year students.

What: Design a residence for a couple living with a  pet – a crocodile ( Open to interpretation. Just make sure you design a good shelter for their pet, whichever animal you decide. ). You have the complete freedom to design the house on land, floating in the air, floating on water or even under water. We only want you to have super fun while designing a super fun house for the couple and their dear pet.


B) Design project for 3rd, 4th and 5th Year students.
What: Design a habitat for a couple who conducts design and creative workshops. They invite students who would stay in a special hostel. You are free to choose a site anywhere in the world. Just make sure that the area of the site you choose is not less than 2 acre (8095 sqm).


First prize –Rs25,000 + certificate and trophy
Second Prize – Rs15,000 + certificate and trophy
Third Prize – Rs 5,000 +certificate and trophy
Five Honorable mentions + certificates

A & B) Eligibility: B.Arch, B.plan, Interior Design, Product design and other design and animation courses.

A & B) Evaluation criteria
All entries would be marked on the premise of the following points:
– Concept.
– Originality, imagination and unconventional design.
– Design process and evolution of the design.
– Marking would be split in three parts, as
70% for the idea
20% for presentation
10% for write up.

A & B) Registration Fee
(Indian Students)
Single entry – INR500 Group entry (upto three group members per group allowed) – INR1200
(International Students)
Single Entry: USD15
Group entry (upto three group members per group allowed) –USD40

A & B) Dates of Registration, Submission, Announcement
Regular registration – 1st April, 2016 to 30th September, 2016
Last date of registration – 30th September, 2016
Last date for submission – 15th October, 2016
Results – 20th November, 2016

Ayodh Vasant Kamath
Narinderjit Kaur
Pavol Griac
Kunal Chaudhry
Guneet Raj Singh

For more information and details,
log on to: http://www.mindrain.org/


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