eeWhat: The National Convention is an annual congregation of Architects organised by The Indian Institute of Architects. IIA NATCON 2015 is being hosted by IIA West Bengal CHAPTER on behalf of the National body to bring together the professionals to discuss and deliberate the various facets of architectural development, practice and education and the future vision.

The theme is ‘People and their Spaces’.

When:  December 18-19, 2015

Where: Kolkata, India

Fumihiko Maki, Tokyo
Rahul Mehrotra, Mumbai/Boston
Boonserm Premthada, Bangkok
Peter Oborn, London
Peter Stutchbury, Australia
Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam
Anupama Kundoo, India
Yatin Pandya, India

Early Bird Offer (Upto 15th Nov): 2500 INR
Registration Fees: 3500 INR

Early Bird Offer (Upto 15th Nov): 2000 INR
Registration Fees: 2000 INR

Early Bird Offer (Upto 15th Nov): 1000 INR
Registration Fees: 1500 INR

Early Bird Offer (Upto 15th Nov): 4000 INR
Registration Fees: 4500 INR

REGISTER HEREhttp://iianatcon2015.com/registration.php

For further information and the details:
W: iianatcon2015.com
E: info@iianatcon2015.com

For Registration Queries:
Sehajpreet Singh
M: +91 95602 39629
E: Sehajpreet@cimglobal.net

For Accommodation & Tours related information:
Ravinder Rawat
M: +91 9650605609 / 99102 08703
E: Ravinder@cimglobal.net


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