The Merit List [TML]

The Merit List (TML) is an initiative by Matter. to recognise projects of critical relevance in terms of design and thought in the context of contemporary Indian architecture.


Contemporary architecture practices in India produce work of substantial quality. They are beyond the concerns of form and space and engage with the potentials of the rich landscape often curating projects that are complex, multi-dimensional and address issues that transcend programmatic frameworks. Recognising a need to seek and chronicle such projects, TML aims to instigate critical discourse on the architecture of present India.

The Merit List aims to represent the eclectic, multi-layered, multi-faceted and diverse landscape of contemporary architecture and design in India.

The Merit List seeks to institute a line of inquiry that traverses typology to make place for exceptional ideas in architecture in India.

1000, 100, 10
1000 studios of architecture and design in India frame the landscape of current work and thought. These studios frame the idea of contemporary Indian architecture and contribute substantially to its identity.

100 projects – products of work from these studios become critical case-studies in the concerns, issues, language and ethos of practice in India. These projects are content-rich and should have an impact on the discourse – professional and academic.

10 Projects from this set transcend the framework of the probable and surprise us with ideas that deserve chronicling. These 10 projects represent the promise of things to come: the work that will be of value in the future. This is THE MERIT LIST.

Scale: the organiser of content

S, M, L and XL
Projects are products of circumstances and situations. To keep the evaluation of the project completely independent of typology, TML took a cue from Rem Koolhas and made scale as the only organiser of content. This way, each piece of work is independently evaluated on the background of the situation in which it is produced.

S : 10-150sqm
M: 151-1000sqm
L: 1001-10,000sqm
XL: 10,001sqm and above

15th August 2015: Open for Submission
2nd October 2015: Announcement of Jury
1st December 2015: Submissions Deadline
26th January 2016: Announcement of the Shortlist

Prem Chandavarkar, CnT Architects, Bengaluru [Chair]
Samira Rathod, Samira Rathod Design Associates, Mumbai
Mahesh Radhakrishnan, MOAD, The Madras Office for Architects and Designers, Chennai
Sankalp Meshram, Editor/Director/Filmmaker, Mumbai
Ruturaj Parikh, Charles Correa Foundation, Goa [Convenor]
Maanasi Hattangadi,  Matter, Goa [Convenor]

(further announcement on members of the Jury panel on confirmation


To submit a project, fill in the form and send it to with the subject line ‘TML Project Submission – Project Name’ .


To recommend some other practice’s project for TML, fill the form and send it to with the subject line ‘TML Project Nomination – Project Name’ .


Any project that has been completed in the last three years (after 15th August 2012) is eligible for TML.


How many projects can I submit?
As many as you wish. Each project must be accompanied with an independent submission form.

How old should a project be?
The project should have been completed in the last three years.

What if I want to submit a Landscape / Urban Design Project?
You can. In that case, the ‘area of intervention’ determines the scale of the project. Planning projects are not allowed.

My data is very heavy. How can I email?
A common issue: you can send the package through ‘WeTransfer’ or similar data sharing platforms to Please ensure that you send the form separately in an email titled ‘TML Project Submission – Project Name’ OR ‘TML Project Nomination – Project Name’.

I have composed panels of the project. Can I submit the same?
We wish to evaluate the data independent of the composition of content on Panels. It helps in the evaluation being completely objective.

I have a lot of images. Why only 15 Photographs and 15 Images?
Because, if your project is short-listed, we will request further information within required formats. For the first shortlist, a restriction is introduced to prevent the jury from having content-fatigue. The move is also to prompt the art of elimination.

What if I have done this project in collaboration?
In that case, please mention the names of all the collaborators involved. Consultants are to be listed separately.

I am working on a project in a firm / it was my project during my training. Can I submit it?
Matter. takes authorship seriously. Only principal firms and architects / firms and architects in collaboration can submit the project. If the authorship of any project is in question, the project will be disqualified from the process.

What about unbuilt projects? Or partially-built projects?
While unbuilt projects are not permissible, we consider partially-built projects, more so, phased projects with one or more phases built as valid entries.

If my project is not short-listed this year, can I re-submit again?
Yes. You can submit the project in the next cycle as long as it meets the eligibility criteria.


  1. Matter. is not responsible in any inaccuracies in the content and facts submitted as a part of The Merit List. Whatever we receive as a part of the project submission, we consider it true. Matter. is not responsible to verify the facts.
  2. All the content received by Matter. will be published for the purposes of The Merit List. We will request separate permission for any other publication / purpose.
  3. Matter. reserves the right to use the images and content submitted in Print, Social and Digital Media with due credit and acknowledgement.

(Subject Line – ‘TML Query – Firm Name’)


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