Water, precious in design: Landscape Foundation

WHAT: Landscape Foundation, India invites students to explore contemporary and aesthetic manifestations of water at different scales in the Indian context, that reflect contemporary attitudes towards design, enjoyment, interpretation, health and well-being, and most of all, conservation keeping in mind its utmost value as a natural resource.

Since pre-historic times, water, the world’s most important natural resource along with the air we breathe, has been responsible
for the birth and death of civilizations. Its strong relationship
with culture has manifested itself over millennia in varied
forms of all scales and types. In the Indian subcontinent, water
acquired a deep spiritual, religious and philosophical meaning
across cultures and religions. Rivers and lakes with ghats, pools
and ponds inside forts and gardens, stepped wells, and tanks
in religious precincts are some of the historic manifestations of
water which are deeply revered in Indian culture. These examples
have also been a great source of visual pleasure and delight,
where water has not only enlivened places but infused new
life in whole settings.

Water has intrigued designers over the last two centuries or
more, inspiring them to come up with new and innovative approaches towards its meaning in landscapes all over the world.
Water has been an integral part of traditional practices of natural
resource management across all regions of India, conserving its
quantity and maintaining its quality. However in the last century,
rapid population growth and unchecked urbanization, coupled
with top-down development and insensitive planning policies
and design approaches have caused great stress on our water
resources. Today, polluted rivers, encroached-upon ponds,
clogged drainage channels, defunct drainage systems, depleted
ground water, diminishing natural recharge areas, have all contributed to deteriorating water quality across the country.

The participants may think of a generic or specific physical setting which they believe has a potential for exploring of ideas. They need to create an idea which relates the setting with the thought of water as a precious design element as well as communicate the unique sense of experience and a sense of place it creates. They may select a site of an ongoing design studio or live project which fulfils the theme criteria. The idea matters and unconventional and radical approaches towards the theme will be encouraged.


Dr Priyaleen Singh, Historic Landscape Conservation Architect, New Delhi
Nandita Parikh, Landscape Architect, New Delhi
Martand Khosla, Architect, New Delhi

First Prize: Rs 50,000
Second Prize: Rs 30,000
Third Prize: Rs 15,000
Shriya Anand Award:  Rs 21,000
Plus upto FOUR Jury Special Mention Certificates
The winning entries shall be featured in LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture (LA46) December-February issue

If YOU are studying in one of the following courses anywhere in India:
– 2 Years full time Post-Graduate Courses, Masters in Landscape Architecture, M.Arch. {Landscape} / M. Arch with / without specializations in any discipline
– 5 years Full time Graduate Courses in Architecture and Planning, B. Arch / D. Arch / B. Planning
– 4 Years Graduate Diploma in Art / Design with/ without specialization in any discipline
– 2 – 2 1/2 years Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Design with / without specialization in any discipline
You have recently graduated from any one of the courses noted above, in May–July 2015.

Fee: Rs 1000
(non refundable and non transferable)


The payment can be made by any of the following modes:
1. DEMAND DRAFT of Rs 1000 (One Thousand only ) in favour of
2. Direct Transfer of the above mentioned amount as per the following A/C details.
Account Name: LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture
Account Number: 14082000000442
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Swift Code: HDFCINBB
IFSC Code: HDFC0001408
MICR Code: 110240167
Bank Address: G-Block, Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018 INDIA
Kindly inform Landscape Foundation through email whenever the transfer is made along with payment details / copy of the transaction slip.
Also please mention details in the Registration form for the organisers to coordinate

Registration & Submission Deadline: 15th October 2015
Last date for the Regristation Fee and Entries to reach
the Foundation Office in New Delhi.

Jury Meet | Declaration of Results: 28 October, 2015

Inauguration of Exhibition
New Committe Room, Planning Block,
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi: 29-30 October, 2015

– No less than ONE {1} A1 size sheet {594mm x 840mm, vertical format} and no more than TWO {2} A1’s. Entries are liable to be rejected if not submitted as per the requisite size and orientation. The sheets are NOT to be mounted on hard base / foam board / sunboard.
– A concept note of a maximum of 250 words is to be composed in a box of size A5 {148mm x 210mm, Vertical} on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the first sheet. No concept note on a separate sheet shall be accepted. Each sheet shall be numbered sequentially in bottom right-hand corner with a recognizable title of the project.
– No reference of any kind will be made to the name of the participant{s} or their associated institution{s} / college{s} on any
of the sheets {except in the Registration Form}. Failure to follow this direction will automatically disqualify the entry.
– In addition to the above, the submission shall also include a CD / DVD or PEN DRIVE containing “.JPEG” files of EACH SHEET in 300 dpi and 72 dpi resolution saved separately in two folders with concept note in “.DOC” format.
– You may submit the entry individually,
You may also work in groups for the competition. The number of persons per group is limited to a maximum of THREE. Each participant in a group must individually fulfil eligibility requirements.
– Any studio work submitted as an entry must be accompanied by a signed letter in original by the overseeing faculty member confirming the authorship of the work. The letter should also contain the contact details of the faculty member.
– Landscape Foundation, India reserves the right to contact the institution to verify the information provided, if required.
– Please note that any sheet / sheets submitted as an entry must not have been published in any print media prior to the competition.

The final submission must include:
a. Payment of Registration fee as per details
b. Completed Registration Form
c. Competition Sheets
d. PEN DRIVEor CD / DVD with entry sheets
e. Photocopy of the ID Proof clearly mentioning the name of each participant, Institute / College and stream in which the student{s} are studying. In the case of more than one participant in a team, Photocopy of the ID of each participant is required.


Landscape Foundation India
C-589, Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018 India
T: +91-11-41584375, 0-98106-00754, 0-98102-52661
E: landscapefoundationindia@gmail.com, info@landscapefoundation.in
W: www.landscapefoundation.in




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