Housing Innovation Challenge 2015

What: The Housing Innovation Challenge is a Saint-Gobain initiative launched to invite innovators and thinkers across all verticals. The idea is to focus on problem areas that arise in housing and then come up with solutions for the same. If the ideas and proposals hold promise, the organisers will be looking at getting the team at Saint Gobain Research India on board to lead it into the implementation phase. There are two broad categories to be chosen from, namely, Sustainable Housing and Housing in Smart Cities.

Download the Brief for the two categories hereHIC_Brief


This competition is open to Architects, Designers, Planners, Engineers and anyone who has an idea worthy of the contest. (Not for Undergraduate students)

If you think you may not have ideas and solutions to submit you may still contribute to the competition by enlisting the issues you face at your housing. Saint-Gobain urges you to voice your problems as a user, every minor or major concern in your day to day life, the solution to which will make your life just a little bit more comfortable. This section will be open to all and can be viewed by all. A maximum word limit of 100 words is allowed.

Terms and Conditions
– This contest is open only for professionals mentioned in the brief and not for undergraduate students.
– All the others can submit ideas as part of the “General Populace” category. – The competition is open to single member participant or a team consisting of two members and not more.
– The submitted entry is original work and due credits have been given when ideas have been borrowed.
– Please note that once submitted, Saint-Gobain shall hold the rights to all the entries, and they shall be used in all media in perpetuity at Saint-Gobain’s discretion, with due credits given to the participant.

Contest Opens: June 5th, 2015

Submissions Deadline: Oct 5th, 2015

Announcement of Results: October, 2015


1st Prize : 2,50,000 (*2)

2nd Prize : 1,50,000

3rd Prize : 1,00,000

And 10 prizes of Rs. 25,000 each for out of the box thinking The winners will get to submit their proposal to SGRI.

Submission format:
– All entries to be only soft copies.
– A maximum of four A3 or five A4 sheets with legible drawings and/or graphs and/or charts and/or text in pdf format OR Four A4 sheets, if you wish to submit a paper with only text OR a power point presentation, a maximum of 5 slides or a running time of 4 minutes maximum is allowed (please ensure that the submission in this case is in a power point format compatible with MS Office 2007) OR a movie clip, maximum running time of the movie shall not exceed 6 minutes. You may even choose to make your submission part pdf/ ppt and part movie, in which case you may have a maximum of 3 A3 sheets/ slides and a movie with a maximum length of 3 minutes.
– Please do not write names and other details on any of the sheets.
– Proper sourcing and credits are imperative.

Evaluation criteria:
The idea/intervention will be evaluated broadly in the following criteria:
Context Concept Originality/ Novelty Efficiency
Implementability / Replicability,  Implementability / Business idea , Ease of development of idea for execution,  Return on Investment,  Short-term Impact,  Long-term impact
Saint-Gobain Research India (SGRI) team will be part of the Jury to determine if one or more entries may be taken forward to the next level of implementation.

For all the details and information, contact:
W: www.saint-gobain.co.in/housinginnovation E: ethosindia.helpdesk@gmail.com


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