361° Conference: DIS. Architecture

What: Over seven editions, 361° Conference has evolved as the singular most relevant platform for discussion and discourse on architecture and design in India. Since its inception, the forum has captured the progressive nature of design creating in its wake an arena for the emerging and influential practices in India. As a thought-provoking platform, 361° in its eighth edition will continue to celebrate the power of thoughts and ideas and initiate a truly relevant dialogue on architecture and design.

The theme of 361°’s 8th edition is “DIS.ARCHITECTURE: Discourse, Intuition and Syntax in Architecture.” Discourse entails intuition (hypothesis), analysis and establishment of a syntax (structure). The evolution of architecture and architectural pedagogy builds on the works of others. Appraisals, criticisms, judgments, comparisons, reflections, reviews and confrontations are all types of tests. This time, the conference will attempt to initiate a discourse on methods of critical appraisal between eminent architects and critics.

Legendary architect Massimiliano Fuksas will be 361° Conference’s inaugural lecturer, with the subsequent lectures to be presented by Wendell Burnette of Wendell Burnette Architects, USA; Boonserm Premthad, Bangkok Project Studio, Thailand; Rachel Neeson, Neeson Murcutt Architects of Australia; Kazi K Ashraf, Hawaii, USA; Sheila Shri Prakash, Shilpa Architects, India; Dr. Singh Intrachooto, OSISU, Thailand; Alberto Kalach, Taller de Arquitectura (TAX), Mexico; M N Ashish Ganju, India; Vinod Jayasinghe, Vinod Jayasinghe Associates Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka; Osamu Ishiyama, DAMDAM, Japan; Prem Chandavarkar, CnT Architects, India and Peter Clegg, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studio, UK.

When: 3rd March – 5th March 2015

Where: Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Registration Fees: 
For Indian Professionals – 8000/- per delegate.
For International Professionals – US $200/- per delegate.
For Students : INR 3,000 per delegate ( for Indian residents only)

E: enquiries361@jasubhai.com
T: +91 22 40373609
W: www.361degrees.net.in

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