What: The 17th International Conference on Humane Habitat shall focus on the Theme : ‘Sustainable Architecture, Environment and Development in Rural, Urban and Regional Context.’ The conference shall be organised by International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH), and hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture at its premises in Bandra West, Mumbai, India in association with Council of Architecture (COA),Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), and World Society of Ekistics (WSE), and Maharashtra Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects, Forum of Colleges of Architecture, Mumbai Region and Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture (MASA) and Practicing Architects, Engineers and Town Planners Association (PEATA) in Mumbai, India.

In the era of rapid economic development and resultant urbanization there is a need for evolving sustainable and humane architecture in harmony with environment. Architecture as the cultural expression of a society reflects the philosophy of life of the people. Each region has evolved its own distinctive architecture and in the process enriched the built-environment. Architecture in rural and urban areas has to be critically viewed in its regional context. At the same time, revolution in science and technology has had tremendous impact on architecture and environment. With the growing concern about the quality of life in contemporary human settlements, it is necessary to review and re-envision the strategy of development of our villages, towns and cities to promote sustainable development.

The subthemes will reflect on
Sustainable Architecture : Housing, Institutions and Work-spaces.
Conservation of Natural Environment, Public Spaces and Enrichment of Built Environment
Sustainable Infrastructure Development for Shaping Humane Habitats
Sustainable Community Development and Environmental Impact
Policies and Programmes for Sustainable Development of Humane Habitats

Simultaneously 13th IAHH International Student Design Competition shall be held on a related theme of ‘Planning a sustainable urban community on the urban periphery of a town / city in regional context.’

When: January 31 – February 2, 2015

Where: Rizvi College of Architecture, Off Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, India 400 050

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Pune, India
Dr. Ken Yeang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prof. Frank Lyons, Bristol, U.K.
Dr. Parvin Ghaemmaghami, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Udo Simonis, Berlin, Germany
Ar. Martina Spies, Vienna, Austria
Ar. Maria Vidali, Greece
Ar. Suresh Patel,Cambridge, U.K.
Prof. Nalini Thakur, New Delhi, India
Prof. M. N. Ashish Ganju, New Delhi, India
Prof. Vikas Dilawari, Mumbai, India
Prof. Neera Adarkar, Mumbai, India
Prof. Pankaj Joshi, Mumbai, India
Prof. Anil Nagrath, Mumbai, India, Secretary-General, IAHH
Prof. Anand Achari, Mumbai, India, Tech. Coordinator, ICHH 2015
Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, Mumbai, India, Convener, ICHH 2015

Call for Papers:

Abstracts (about 2000 words) by December 15, 2014 on A4 portrait format in Arial 10 font size along with brief curriculum vitae, passport details and a photograph of the speakers.

Final Papers
Final papers (about 8000 words) by January 15, 2015 on A4 portrait format in Arial 10 font size along with illustrations, photographs, slides and detailed curriculum vitae of the speaker.

Registration Fees:

Foreign (except SAARC) persons: Early US $ 450 (before December 30, 2014) / Late US $ 550.

Indian and SAARC countries: Early INR 6,000 (before December 30, 2014) / Late INR 7,500

Accompanying Persons
Foreign (except SAARC) persons: Early US $ 350 (before December 30, 2014) / Late US $ 450

Indian and SAARC countries: Early INR 3,500 (before December 30, 2014) / Late INR 4,500

Student Discount:
Foreign (Except SAARC ) Students: US $ 250 (before December 30, 2014)/ Late US $ 350 

Indian and SAARC Students: INR 3500 (before December 30, 2014)/ Late INR 4500


Payments in favour of ”Rizvi College of Architecture Conference a/c” payable at Mumbai, India.


For further details, please contact:
Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, Convener ICHH 2015,
Prof. Anand Achari. Tech. Coordinator, ICHH 2015
ICHH Secretariat, Rizvi College of Architecture, Off Carter Road, Bandra West,
Mumbai 400 050 India
Tel: +91-22-26050624 / 26044196


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