Pune Biennale 2015

What: The Pune Biennale, a joint venture between Pune Municipal Corporation and Bharati Vidyapeeth, is a grassroots movement that aims at promoting and showcasing creative talent from various visual media of expression including visual arts, architecture, and photography. The theme of this edition of Pune Biennale is “Heritage- Yours and Mine”.

It takes a multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to emphasise ‘Heritage’ as a pressing concern in the world cultural map. In particular, it strives to restore, rehabilitate, and refine our combined cultural heritage in order to enhance our cultural identity. It will host a wide range of activities like, installations, street art, competitions, documentations, demonstrations, talk shows, etc. One of these is “Accommodating the Mélange” – a competition for students and young professionals and the other is a Call for Proposals for site-specific installations.

When: 6- 15 February 2015.

The Biennale is calling for proposals & entries for two of its nested initiatives:

1. National Level Competition: “ACCOMODATING THE MELANGE”
Public spaces and buildings have an intimate relationship with the shaping up of a cultural identity of a place. The scenario in a country like India is specially highlighted with the interesting stories of rich heritage found at just about every other street corner.

“ACCOMMODATING THE MELANGE” brings you the opportunity to shape such lively spaces that have layers from different times within and around; an opportunity to articulate a vocabulary to herald your city, your identity. This design competition theme aims to carry forward the idea of architecture being beyond just buildings, to highlight the deep connection architecture has with the cultural heritage of the city. The intent is also to provoke alternative thinking about architecture and heritage – how do we leap into the future while looking at the past, even while being in harmony with the present for now.

Eligibility: For Students of Architecture and Young Architects (those who have graduated in the last 3 years)

To Register:
Please log on to http://www.ethosindia.in/events/other-events/index.php

For registration related queries, please write to rama@ethosindia.in

For brief and submission related queries, please write to
Amol Holey,
Pune Biennale Secretariat
Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture
Bharati Vidyapeeth Campus
Pune-Satara Road, Dhankavadi
Pune- 411043
E: amolholey@gmail.com
M: 09545639980

The Award:
The three best entries will receive prize worth Rs 15,000 each.

The ten best entries will be invited to exhibit their designs at a pavilion in the Biennale. The winners will receive a travelling grant covering their travel and 2 days accommodation in Pune to participate in the biennale in February 2015.

Important Dates:
Last date for registration – 12th December 2014
Last date for submission – 21st December 2014
Announcement of results – 7th January 2015

For all details, log on to:
W: http://punebiennale.org/national-competition.html


To forward the discussion about heritage, the 2nd Pune Biennale raises the following question: What constitutes Heritage and in what ways does the heritage of a city contribute to its development and help to retain or create its identity?

Proposals are invited for site specific installations using any kind of materials including scrap (metal, wood, e-waste, plastic, etc), keeping ‘Heritage’ as a wider theme of departure. The guidelines for the submission are:

The proposals should be brief and precise (maximum 500 words). It should be accompanied by sketches, supportive materials if any and a detailed budget.

10th November 2014

For all details, log on to:
W: http://punebiennale.org/call-for-artist.html

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