Maker Fest 2015: Inviting Makers

What: Following in the footsteps of Maker Faires across America, Europe, and Japan, among others, MakerFest is an all-ages showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. It is a celebration of everyone who makes things, and a place where people can meet likeminded A-Class innovators. MakerFest is a non-commercial event, and free for the public to attend.

The grounds will be filled with booths on which invited makers can show off their projects, there will be a stage for demonstrations, and there will be workshops throughout the day for attendees to make things of their own. Makers range from artisans to ‘jugaad’ auto-mechanics to scientists to robotics experts to farmers—of all ages and backgrounds who are excited to share our inventions and collaborate with others.

When: Dates: JANUARY 10-11, 2015
Application Deadline: 20th October 2014

How: Apply Here

Where: CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Contact Details:
Fab Lab CEPT, Ahmedabad
T: +91 9825014598

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